Stadium Tailgating Bus Pittsburgh Pa

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Stadium Tailgating Bus Pittsburgh Pa

How much fun can be had at a tailgate party in Pittsburgh? If your answer was 'plenty,' you're right. In fact, many folks will tell you that few sporting events can rival the camaraderie, enthusiasm and hilarity that is bound to ensue on a stadium tailgating bus in Pittsburgh PA.

Ron's Party Bus

In the mood to party with a dozen or more of your friends? Ron's Party Bus packages can bring the tents, seating, food, drinks and other tailgate party treats. Imagine enjoying up to 12 hours of nothing but fun with like-minded sports fan friends in the parking lot of your favorite sports venue. We'll bring a grill and a chef to serve up all the burgers and hot dogs you can eat on and around your stadium tailgating bus in Pittsburgh PA.

How it works 

When you contract our stadium tailgating bus in Pittsburgh PA, you can relax and enjoy the party with your friends. We'll pick everyone up and drop them off safely at home afterward. Your rental time will vary according to the party plan you choose.

Tailgate parties at Heinz Field

On the north side of Pittsburgh, along the banks of the Ohio River stands the great home field of the Steelers. When a game is in town, the parking lots and surrounding areas are super popular tailgate party places. Before you go, get a good idea of what activities are allowed in various locations at Heinz Field.

Color-coded surface lots are pre-sold before the season even begins. If you haven't already purchased a piece of this prime real estate, you'll need to party with friends who have. Sometimes, secondary sellers advertise Gold, Green, Red, and Blue Heinz Field parking passes on eBay, StubHub, and other online sites. Beware, however, as many good people have fallen for bad Heinz Field parking lot scams on Craigslist.

Lots at Heinz Field that are not color-coded are available on a "first come, first serve" basis. If you can find a parking spot in one of these zones a couple of hours before the game, take it, but do expect a long walk to get into and out of the stadium, advises Steel City Underground.

A few guidelines about tailgating at Heinz Field

As a rule, the parking lots at Heinz Field open their gates to fans around five hours before first kick off. Occasionally, special circumstances lead to the lots opening at different times, such as when the Pirates play a home game. Provided that participants are of legal age, alcohol consumption is allowed on and around a stadium tailgating bus in Pittsburgh PA. Local fans need to remember to make their alcohol purchases before a Sunday game. Plan to bring a cooler filled with your favorite beverages, or leave it to Ron's Party Bus to provide adult beverage services.

When you're ready to know more about our entertaining and spacious stadium tailgating bus in Pittsburgh, please call (412)587-2081.

Stadium Tailgating Bus Pittsburgh Pa
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